Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finally! A Quilt!

This quilt has been over three years in the making. And, it's finally finished. It was originally intended to be an anniversary present for my husband - our fifth anniversary. We just celebrated our seventh anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Well, it took longer than I had anticipated, but I'm so happy with the results. I still have to wash it - I'm crossing my fingers that that goes well (I'm open to tips on the best way of doing that, if you've got any). In the two years that it took me to hand-quilt this epic project, my cat took every opportunity she found to curl up in it. I have a little bit of de-furring to do, too. The finished size is 82 inches by 83 inches. That's over 6800 square inches...hand-quilted! My only previous quilting experience, when I started this project, was a baby quilt that I tie-quilted.
I chose to create a quilting motif of concentric circles radiating out from a center of two inter-locked ripples on the surface of water. Some of the water-soluble ink is still visible on the back (needs a wash). Our bedroom has a West Indies theme, so I chose fabrics that reminded me of our Jamaican honeymoon - the rich colors of the tropical forests and flowers, the blues and greens of the ocean, the brightness of the sun and sand. This quilt is a little better than the honeymoon in one regard, though - no hurricane Ivan!
It wouldn't have been complete without a little love note!

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