Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Directions

I love so many different crafts that I have a hard time focusing my energies in any one direction. I've come to the conclusion that if I don't know who I am, then no one else really knows, either. The last couple of weeks have been hard for me because I feel lost (creatively speaking).

I feel spread too thin with the things that I want to do. Not really surprising when you consider all the crafts that I do on a regular basis: spinning, dyeing, needle-felting, crochet, sewing, jewelery-making, doll-making, book-binding, quilting, embroidery... I need to decide what crafts are for me, and which ones I'd like to share (via my Etsy shop). I get such positive feedback on all of my crafts that it makes me happy to share them all, but...I feel scattered...uninspired. Like a Jane-of-all-trades, master of none.

I'm currently working on two new dolls for my Etsy shop. They are tall, slender elves from the same pattern that I made for the Peacock Elf, and, like that doll, they will be clothed with considerable detail. I love creating dolls, though I'm often strapped for inspiration, and I find that dressing them is fairly frustrating. This is really the direction that I would love to take with my shop. I think. =)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Things Come

Most of my crafting is on hold right now as I rearrange my space. I asked my husband for a very big birthday gift this year - dedicate an entire room to my crafting. He is so wonderful, and is working very hard to get this completed.

He inherited a lot of furniture when he bought the house from his parents, and I added even more when I moved in. We could have opened a B&B with so many extra beds... So, we are trying to find room to store the furniture until we can get rid of it. There's just the two of us, anyway.

Ah! I'm so excited to have my own crafting space! I've been using my living room floor and I'm really sick of seeing the clutter (I suspect that my wonderful, patient husband is, too). With a clean living room, I'll also be more motivated to 'Push Play' with Tony Horton. I do love me some banana rolls! I have high hopes that this will be a veritable cascade of Awesome as the tidiness begets more tidiness and motivation for other Good Things (cooking, exercise...).