Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moving to a new location

Hello! *waves to all her interwebs friends* I'm moving my energies to a new blog. I'll still be sharing all kinds of crafty goodness, but I needed to change names for personal reasons. 'Inez' is a name that, although it's still mine, I really don't choose to identify with it anymore. It's a family name, but, the family members who I share it with are real douche canoes. So, I needed to create a new moniker. As a sort of homage to my educational past, my new alter ego derives her title from a law of thermodynamics that states that entropy increases, or, the universe tends towards chaos. It's just energetically favorable to do so. So, find me on as tendstowardschaos, or on etsy at Much love, E. I. Rahe