Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dreams of Pirates and Dragons

Boy did I get side-tracked...I meant to post pictures of these pillowcases weeks ago! I have no idea how long it took me to do all of this stitching, but I worked on it for a month straight. The ship is roughly 10.5" square, and the dragon scene is about 9"x 12".I used Google Images to find inspiration for the designs. The dragon was from a sketch that some one had done of a very hairy Oriental-style dragon, that is, serpentine and wingless. The scenery is taken from a Japanese monochrome painting, with the substitutions of a cherry tree and waves. The clouds were free-handed using a tutorial for drawing Akatsuki clouds and stitched using variegated thread and small satin stitching. I used a vintage tattoo flash image for the pirate ship and waves. Creating these designs and transferring that into stitching was so rewarding for my inner perfectionist. I'm already planning to do two framed ships...one for each side of my bed.

Stitches used: satin, long-short, back stitch, split.