Thursday, February 3, 2011

50 Projects in 2011

Over on, there is a group of artists who attempt to complete 50 projects each year (or more). I thought that I'd take a page from their book and try it for myself. It didn't take very long for me to nearly fill my list with things that I would like to make. Most of the projects are for me, the hubby, the cat, or the house. I'm pretty much through with crafting for other people...only the kids seem to appreciate it. Most of the adults in my life are less than supportive. In more than two years of having a shop, only one family member has ever purchased anything from me (thank you, D!!!). Enough of feeling sorry for myself. It doesn't matter if they believe in me or not.

Here's my list (so far), the bolded items are done, italics are started:

1. leather drawing journal
2. leather drawing journal
3. spin silk/bamboo/merino roving
4. Green Day heart grenade embroidered patch
5. anarchy embroidery
6. octopus embroidery
7. modify switchplate for bedroom light
8. pencil case in gray corduroy
9. peace embroidery
10. john galt embroidery
11. finish batik quilt
12. water sprite
13. steampunk elf
14. 2 ships embroidery
15. gibbous dress
16. gibbous obi belt
17. grilling apron for hubby
18. corduroy skirt
19. slouchy newsboy hat
20. victorian corset
21. gibbous top hat
22. capri pants
23. vest
24. Doctor Who poppet
25. authentic fish 'n' chips
26. yarn scrap flower shawl
27. Halloween costume
28. kitty embroidery
29. fabric cuff bracelet
30. 18th-cent.-inspired embroidered wall art
31. 18th-cent.-inspired embroidered wall art
32. 18th-cent.-inspired embroidered wall art
33. series of 18th-cent.-inspired embroidery patterns (naughty)
34. series of 18th-cent.-inspired embroidery patterns (nice)
35. large leather artist's book
36. leather artist's book
37. crochet baktus from handspun (roving received from Superhooker)
38. catnip wool ball for kitty
5 down, 45 to go.

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