Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Different Sort of Canvas

I've been making journals for a while, now, and I'm always looking for new techniques to incorporate into my books. I noticed, on a swap partner's Wist, a journal that had been illustrated. Ink on suede. It reminded me of a tattoo. There is something intriguing and seductive in an inked hide. I wanted to try it.

A very good friend had recently donated a few pounds of beautiful suede sides to my crafting stash - the perfect canvas for this endeavor! I cut a bit off to test a few different pens to see how they looked and for color-fastness. I decided that a super-fine tip Sharpie would be suitable. It was! But, it also dried out a brand new pen. I'm going to try an India-ink pen next time around. I hope that it will go a little further than just one journal. Side note: a traditional Sharpie may bleed all the way through the hide.

I'm really happy with the flowing vine-like drawing that I covered this journal (and others) with. I'm really not much for doodling or sketching, unless it's chemical structures and such...there's an idea....

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