Sunday, April 25, 2010


I was reading a thread on recently that made me think about the origins of my craftiness. It took a lot of thinking, and I realized that I would have to go back a long way to define a beginning. A long way...

...all the way back to my some of my very first memories...4 years old and attending a very unique preschool. Curious how the earliest memories are of the things that we created, the things that we puzzled out and presented proudly for all of the world to see. These are the things that grace our parents mantles and adorn their walls as badges of honor. My earliest pieces of childhood art included paintings using straw, egg-carton-flower bouquets, and coiled clay pots. My mom still treasures these things - she saved it all.

I learned how to use hand-tools about the same time that I learned to sew clothes for my dolls. There were so many home improvement projects that my mom had me help her with...we papered, paneled and painted the walls...laid a solid oak floor...made cabinets and tables and a fence and a brick patio...electrical, plumbing, gardening, etc. I learned how to do all of those things before I was 11! I tried cross stitch when I was about 7, but it never held my attention. I made my first stuffed animal, a bunny from a kit, when I was 8. Mostly, it was re-purposing old clothes into clothes for my massive stuffie collection and Barbie dolls.

Not much has really changed. =)

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