Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Elvish Poet - Teaghan

My newest doll is finally finished! Let me introduce you to Teaghan. She is an aspiring poet still searching for her inspiration. Her journals are empty, and she has set off to find the words that will fill them.

Teaghan the Elf is a one-of-a-kind cloth doll from head to toe (I drafted new patterns for her body and clothing). Her hair and shawl are made from my hand-painted, hand-spun yarn. Her bag, books (the smaller one is just 2.25" tall!), shoes, and corset are hand-stitched leather. I gave her several earrings and lots of other brass, pearl and glass adornments. Her sun dress is batik cotton, and she's wearing a pink and white lace petticoat.

I'm so pleased with how she turned out. It just feels good to have made a doll that is so unique and lovely. It was actually difficult to stop adding details to her costume! Teaghan, at 19 inches tall, is the largest (and most time-consuming) doll that I have ever made. I would love to share her with my peers on, but I won't - she's for sale, and I don't want anyone to think that I'm fishing for sales - though they would probably appreciate the amount of work that went into her. However, I have no compunctions about sharing the link to my store in this forum:

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