Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cobwebs and Lace

Up until now, my spinning has produced lovely, fluffy yarns. They were also really thick and uneven. I love those qualities, but it takes a lot of roving to make thick yarns and it's hard to fit more than a few dozen yards on my spindle.

For the last couple yarns I've spun up, I pre-drafted the crap out of the fiber. The result: yarns that turned out fingering weight and smaller! Success! My pride and joy is this skein of cobweb weight wool. I hand-painted the black and white mill end roving in shades of blue, and got all 240 yards (47 grams) to fit on my spindle.

This yarn is being turned into a lacy crocheted scarf. But, it's only halfway done (hence, no pictures at this time).

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