Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Very Unimportant...

I was just trying out new templates and fonts for my blog page, and I figured I 'd try the one you're now seeing. Cute? I like maps, and I was getting tired of the same old font...I like it. Anyway, when I saw that I had the option of a font named 'Trebuchet,' I totally squeeed. Shameful. The reason is this PC game that my husband occasionally plays with the sound on. During certain 'ages,' I hear his little soldiers (it's a game of world domination, of course) shout out 'TREBUCHET!!!' and a city collapses into rubble. It always makes me giggle. It's like that Snickers commercial, with the football player who thinks he's Batman...when I'm feeling sassy, I turn to Gary and tell him that "I'm Batman!" Some things just tickle my funny bone. So...enjoy my newest favorite font: Trebuchet! Fight on, my friends!

On a crafty note: I'm working on new doll for a swap. I'll be posting her when she's in her new home, as my partner knows very few details about her.

I have also been very inspired by Gibbous, recently. I love the character that these designers impart into their clothing and I have so much respect and admiration for their art. A few weeks ago, I received the free-motion foot I had ordered for my sewing machine. I attempted a Gibbous-inspired hat the next day. It was done in just a few days...leaving me with a gigantic sense of accomplishment, an even greater respect for Gibbous House than I had previously possessed (hard to believe, since I'm madly in love with them!), and a desire to do more, dare more and achieve more.

Have I mentioned that I like hats? It's a weird obsession I inherited from my grandfather who would bring me hats from every corner of the globe (he used to call me 'Ahab' after I took a liking to the keffiyeh he brought back from Egypt). My hat came together from scraps of blue herringbone wool, silk neck ties left-over from a bag, vintage trim, hand-cut vintage shell buttons, vintage plastic buttons, antiqued brass chains, a pearl, a sprocket, an Uzbekistani eye-bead, and lots of stitching. The colors imbue the piece with a subtle, patriotic vibe (made it just in time to wear on Independence Day).

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