Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Than 50 Projects in 2011

Since I started another list, I left off all of the old completed projects. I even shelved some of the ideas that hadn't been brought to life. I change my mind a lot. What sounds like great fun on one day can quickly lose its luster. Anyway, when you include finished objects from the previous list, I hit 50 as of this morning. Yay!!!

1. Spin silk/bamboo/merino roving
2. Green Day Heart Grenade Embroidery
3. Political Embroidery
4. Octopus Embroidery
5. Decorate Light Switch/Cover for Bedroom
6. Corduroy Pencil Case
7. Peace Embroidery
8. Atlas Shrugged Embroidery
9. Batik Quilt
10. Water Spirit Doll
11. Steampunk Elf
12. 'Gibbous' Dress
13. Grilling Apron for DH
14. Corduroy Skirt
15. Victorian Corset
16. 'Gibbous' Top Hat
17. Vest
18. Tenth Doctor Doll
19. Fabric Cuff Bracelet
20. Mini Journal Pendant
21. Green Fairy Doll
22. Inked Leather Sketchbook
23. Rag Quilt for the Kitty
24-28. Small Leather Journals for Shop
29. Ribbed Headband (crochet)
30-33. Scrappy Yarn Hats
34-35. Journal Pendants
36-38. Journal Keychains
39. Steampunk Magpie Necklace
40. Spin 'pink toffee' roving
41. Spin 'coffee and cream' roving
42. Large Leather Sketchbook
43-45. TARDIS Journals
46. Artist Book for the DH
47. Spin Variegated Blue Roving
48. Spin 'Coffee' roving
49. Lil gets a new look
50. Alter Dress (so it actually fits)
51. Travel Journal for MIL

52. Crochet Market Bag
53. Stencil Over Stain on Gray Tee
54. Lace Bolero

55. Leather Bookmarks

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