Friday, April 1, 2011

The Pink and Fuzzy

I had just over an ounce of this wool-mohair blend from my order from Sheep Shed Studio. It was hiding in my white mill ends. =)

I dyed it with Wilton's food coloring, and even though it turned out nothing like what I was hoping for, I like the color it decided to be. Unfortunately, it got a little felty during the dye job. Now, usually the mohair blends from SSS are something like 10-15% mohair. This was more like 50/50. It was like spinning hair through some sections of the roving...I'm thinking I should have just pre-drafted without splitting the roving to get things to come out more evenly blended. It has a really interesting halo, though. And, boy, is it silky! It spun up thick and thin because of my felting issues and I ended up with about 89 yards of sport weight (average). Not sure what I'll do with this would be gorgeous as doll hair, though, it would make for a super-cuddly amigurumi, too.


  1. Ooh, pretty... I am just learning to spin, and doll hair is what the main goal is. :)

  2. That's awesome! It gets kind of addicting. ;) Do you use a spindle or wheel?

    I think most of my yarns have ended up as doll hair, too.