Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

So, I spent most of September and October working on presents for other people. I did find the time to try out some new recipes and make a couple Halloween costumes. To sum it up, Over the last 8 weeks or so, I've made:
-an A-line skirt for myself in Alexander Henry's 'Koto' printed cotton
-bag to match the skirt
-four pairs of beaded earrings
-red/gold wool handspun hat for my 4 year old niece
-red wool handspun hat for my 3 year old nephew
-baby blue organic cotton hat and washcloth for my friend's newborn boy
-fulled sweater teddy bear for my 1 year old niece
-brown wool hat with earflaps for my husband
-embroidered wall hanging of a Chuck Palahniuk quote
-Jedi robe for a friend's Halloween costume
-silk dress with chiffon wrap and matching clutch for a friend's Halloween costume

I've also been sporadically working on other stuff, like:
-a pair of red bamboo wristwarmers for my Nana
-dyeing a skirt for my Halloween costume
-my anniversary quilt

I've also taught myself the basics of knitting. I'm going to be exploring some more intricate patterns in the near future. But, I have a dozen projects to finish before I cast on anything else...several dolls are sitting around without body parts, an un-quilted quilt is languishing in my sewing room, and several scarves are on needles or wrapped around their respective balls of yarn and taking up my stitch-markers.

The teddy bear that I made was loads of fun. I drafted a pattern and used up an old sweater that I had shrunk in the wash. I had such a difficult time with the eyes, but I finally ended up needle-felting them on along with the nose. It was very well received by its tiny new owner.

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