Saturday, December 3, 2011

It'll Be A Tentacular Christmas

My sweet little nephew saw me making a crocheted octopus this Summer, and he decided that he would really like to have it. He also decided that his little brother would like one, too. And, like most little kids, he has a great memory. He asked me in late October if I had finished his and his brother's octopuses. Now, questions like this, coming from adults, tick me off. Coming from my nephew, who adores the toys that I make, it's plain adorable. The octopus I made originally was too cute for me to part with, so I decided to make them their own. And because their birthdays weren't anytime soon, I had to figure out a good time to gift them the toys. Our family draws names for gifts at Christmas, and I had no way of assuring that my husband and I would draw their two names (and we didn't). To give them the octopuses at Christmas would involve leaving out the other kids. I couldn't do that! I made Christmas toys for everyone. Well, the little ones, anyway. The three older kids (too old for toys) are getting hats, which you can never have enough of when you live in Michigan. The little boys are getting octopuses, and the little girls are getting bunny rabbits. (I dyed all but the purple yarn myself.)
So, that's what I've been up to for the past five weeks!


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  2. Is there a version of this pattern that you could share? I would love to make some of these cute little guys

  3. I didn't use a pattern for them, and I haven't finished writing a pattern...yet. However, see this post for general instructions on construction: