Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer is Here!

Finally, it really feels like summer here in West Michigan. It's been so chilly lately when you consider we've only had a few days where the temperature climbed above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, while the weather hasn't been conducive to a dip in the pool, it has been wonderful for my sweet peas and green beans! Every week for the past three weeks, I have harvested pounds of fresh greens...and there is still so much left on the plants in all stages of ripeness. Amazing. And the corn is developing faster that I knew it could. Most of the plants, even the ones that are less than four feet tall, have ears on them. Yay! for organic gardening!

Aside from the garden, I've been quilting clandestinely. My 5-year wedding anniversary is not too far down the road, and I decided to spoil my hubby with a quilt. I've been amassing fabric since last Fall...slowly, but surely gathering up fabulous batiks and quilting cottons. If my mother-in-law has electricity, I'm going over to her house to borrow the use of her banquet tables to get my quilt pinned today. Eh, even if she doesn't, I'm going to find a sunny room in her house to do it in. I'm quilting by hand, so, the sooner I get to it, the more likely it will be done by my deadline! (The quilt top is pictured.)

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